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March 26, 2023
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March 26, 2023

VECINDAD: Teresa is actually met Juana thinks this lady tale on <a href="">Edinburg TX sugar babies</a> the Fernando dropping inside the love together

CASA CACERES: Aiiiiiida says to Dad that the rrrrrrrrrrrata de- vecindad features accused him and you will Geno on police. She need understand possible. Ruben acts indignant, appalled one Teresa carry out accuse him or her even though the guy confesses the guy would have cheerfully slain Fito for that which you he could be over. The guy remembers how lousy she had just after Paulo’s dying immediately after which to help you top it well, she falls for this Mariano who has put nothing but disgrace to their family relations. Aiiida understands Mariano try simple. Ruben informs her available it. Teresa only generated the latest accusation in order to 100 % free Mariano. He’s calling Geno immediately thus she will get a hold of to have herself that there’s simply friendship between the two and that the new reports Teresa is actually informing try a beneficial despicable lie! He requires Geno to choose your on precinct to respond to the fresh new accusations Teresa has made. Ahead of they may be able get off, Aiiida was disrupted by the a call and you may makes the room. Ruben is at having their cellular telephone.

He repeats just what Mariano told you on the Teresa enjoying Arturo and therefore she fell deeply in love with him throughout that European excursion

CASA LEDESMA: Hernan arrives that have a beneficial bouquet out of roses for Esperanza. She becomes a trip but hesitates to respond to. She responses once Hernan insists it could be concerning child. She solutions and it’s really Ruben, however. Ways she’s speaking, he data Hernan could there be. The guy warns their in the event that she tells law enforcement or someone else you to Geno in which he was couples, she will never ever select the woman man once more! Hernan asks which it had been and you can she informs him it had been a wrong count. Hernan notices she seems worried and you can she says to him it’s because she is actually assured it had been reports towards the Rodriguito! Hernan does not search pretty sure.

She would like nothing more than to forget about Arturo forever and you may choose the life Fernando will offer her

Cops Station: Hector and Aurora keep in touch with Mariano. Hector assurances Mariano the guy believes he could be innocent. Aurora says to your Teresa watched Geno & Ruben get rid of you and you may thinks these are the killers.

Ruben and you can Genoveva enjoys arrived and therefore are speaking with Aiiiiida. They can’t believe Teresa states they killed Fito and you can scoff at the newest mere idea of an event and cannot know where Teresa could’ve gotten such as for example an idea! Geno claims she’s not ever been that have some other son after this lady separation and divorce. She devoted their lifestyle so you can Paulo and from now on in order to Paulito. Aiiiida understands even so they still have to describe (aclarar) that which you.

She tells Juana she intends to spend nights around merely however if Fernando happens searching for the lady in the manse. Refugio happens and you can apologizes in order to have doubted Teresa, considering she had leftover their husband on her BFF’s novio. It’s important to the lady that they remain joined since Armando is gone. Refugio try happy whenever Juana tells her one to Teresa cautioned Fernando to stay away.

Have always been, Juana notices Teresa is down throughout the dumps. Teresa demonstrates to you it’s everything you — Mariano’s arrest and her breakup regarding Arturo. She admits she actually is very baffled. But she acknowledges she’s planning on providing Arturo another chance. She has our house, zero, He has the house and they can begin anew. CARAAAAAZY.

PENTHOUSE: Odiosa check outs Fernando and you may desires to see what is happened from the Luna Turqueza. The latest apartments aren’t promoting additionally the prices features dropped (desplopaign in order to discredit (desprestigio) the building organization and you may your specifically. They have not a clue exactly what she’s these are. She explains you’ll find legal actions (demanda) up against her or him there try posters at condos saying it is badly constructed and that the construction company and you will Fernando are scams. Wowsers! Fernando is impactado.

CASA LUCIA: Lucia magic as to why Arturo is so major. He is troubled because of the things Mariano told you. Lucia supposes it can be correct that Teresa wants him, but however less than she enjoys Fernando’s money. Arturo thinks that can be genuine. The guy doesn’t discover why he keeps assured, interested in a thing that will validate Teresa’s tips whenever the woman strategies have no reason. Lucia indicates he prevent planning on Teresa when it bothers him plenty. Arturo desires he might however, that which you reminds your out of the girl. He cannot rating the woman regarding their head, a lot less their center. Lucia thinks that when he can not forgive her, the guy want to make the hassle to forget about the woman. All of a sudden, he converts so you can their claiming the guy enjoys this lady and you may she ways they may want to provide a whirl. He wonders if they try whether or not he are unable to guarantee the woman something (Child Laws #8). She smiles and you may claims she’s ready to do the exposure. He can merely vow one to he will provide it with an abundance of effort. They hug aaaaaaand Teresa strolls into the! Dun-Dun-DUN! She instantaneously rips right up. She brushes away their tears and initiate clapping. “Bravo! I’m very ready to see that you may be resuming your daily life once the We have reach look for regarding the divorce proceedings.” Lucia simply leaves however prior to offering Arturo a peck (the fresh new skank!). Arturo asks if this lady has the brand new guts to inquire of to have alimony. Haha. She desires nothing out of him. Once they remain up until the judge regarding common agreement, they may be able have the divorce or separation in the fifteen days (inspire!). About what she’s only seen, she takes on it is immediate having your. The guy tells her naturally it’s immediate to have your because the the guy wants to clipped all of the connections together. What date really does she need to meet with the legal? He believes to satisfy their within 5:00 to enable them to end their marriage completely. The guy reasons themselves so he is able to give Lucia what’s promising. Arturo battles straight back tears when he simply leaves the bedroom. Teresa, shortly after by yourself, says to by herself, “and i would definitely give you some other possibility!”

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