Huzoor Syedina Nabi-E-Mohtaram Rasool-E-Kreem (ﷺ)

O Allah, bless our Master Muhammad (ﷺ), your slave, Prophet and Messenger, The unlettered Prophet (ﷺ), and his family and Companions and grant them peace, by the measure of sublimity of your Essence at every time and age. Ameen

Below-mentioned are quotations of Hazrat Hassan Bin Mansor Al-Hallaj (رضی اللہ) from his book "The Tawasin" about Hazoor Syedina Wa Molana Nabi Kareem (ﷺ).

1. A lamp appeared from the Light of the Unseen. It appeared and returned, and it surpassed the other lamps. It was a ruling moon, manifesting itself radiantly among the other moons.

2. He (Huzoor Nabi Kareem (ﷺ)) did not report about anything except according to his inner vision, and he did not order the following of his example except according to the truth of his conduct. He was in the presence of Allah, than he brought others to his Presence. He saw, than he related what he saw. He was sent as a guide, so he defined the limits of conduct.

3. His (Huzoor Nabi Kareem (ﷺ) aspiration preceded all other aspirations, his existence preceded non-existence, his name preceded the Pen because it existed before.

4. Allah is with him, and with him is reality. He (Huzoor Nabi Kareem (ﷺ)) is the first on union and the last to be commissioned as a prophet, the inward by reality, and the outward by gnosis.

5. He (Huzoor Nabi Kareem (ﷺ) absented himself from men and jinn, and he closed his eyes to 'where' until there no longer remained any veil on the heart nor any falsehood.

6. There was a 'length of two bows' lengths or nearer', when he reached the desert of the 'knowledge of reality,' he reported from the outward heart. When he arrived to the truth of the reality he left his desire there and gave himself up to the Beautiful. When he reached the Truth he returned and said:

'The inward heart has prostrated to you, and the outward heart has believed in you.

When he reached the Further most limited he said:

“I cannot praise you as you should be praised”.

When he reached the reality of the reality he said:

'You are the only One who can praise yourself.'

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